This site presents results of the Linguistic Landscapes of Beirut project (LLB) carried out in the Department of English at the American University of Beirut. Linguistic Landscape studies document and analyze how multilingualism is expressed in a written manner in public space.  The LLB project brings together more than 2000 written language samples from the greater Beirut area.  At present, the project data are available as interactive, digital maps. In the course of the 2016/17, a portion of the data will be normalized, transcribed and published using the human-readable data serialization language YAML here.

The LLB project was featured in an article in the Arabic-language daily al-Sharq al-Awsat

اضغط هنا للحصول على مقالة صدرت عن مشروعنا في جريدة الشرق الاوسط  – لندن

and in The Atlantic’s CityLab, “Mapping the Blurred Lines of Beirut’s Languages” here.

Timeline of the LLB project:

20 Sept – 1 Dec 2015: Phase 1 data collection
mid December 2015: Phase 1 complete (about 800 data points expected, 1080 achieved)
February-May 2016: Phase 2 complete (about 800 data points expected, 1068 achieved)
April 2016: Dissemination 1 (LAUD 2016 conference, Landau)
May 2016: Dissemination 2 (AMICAL conference, Rome)
July 2016: The LLB project is awarded a small grant for digital projects by the AMICAL consortium
Summer 2017: The LLB project moves to GitHub
September 2017: Dissemination 3 (JADH conference, Kyoto)
2016-18: Cleanup, transcription and publication of multilingual samples

Google Earth view